Monday, 7 May 2012

Tattoo Concept

Happy Monday everybody! So I haven't really been drawing much, doodling still but no real work illustrating right now. Though in a week or so, once I'm finished this website I'm working on, I'll be back on the tablet once again. But for now to keep up with things I thought I'd talk about a concept for a tattoo I'm getting in early June. I've been waiting for a long time to get this one, and either myself or my darling sister Lianna will be drawing it up.

So basically I want to have an angel that's wrapped around a blue rose... or more surrounded by I guess. The meaning behind it is pretty basic but I've been playing back and forth with it for about 2 or 3 years now, and finally found this interpretation to fit best. Haven't decided yet if I'll give away the meaning now, or wait until the final tattoo is finished to describe it. All I'll say is that it's going to be beautiful reminder of things (vague I know)!

As far as style goes for this, I want it to look similar to a renaissance artwork. I've always loved the work of Leonardo da Vinci (who hasn't really?) and think that a realistic interpretation for the angel is a good fit. Plus I find his work to look so divine and perfect, wouldn't want any less for angel! There's this one Deviant ART user who has a similar style that really fits what I want to go for. He goes by Silent Justice, take a look at his gallery, and you'll definitely get the idea of what I mean! For the roses at first I was going to use a royal blue colour, but that would be dark and weird. While I was looking up different roses, I came across a light blue one, almost ice coloured, thought it would be perfect. Might go with something in between, with a dark centre blending out to the light colour. We shall see once the initial sketch has been finished.

So once I have the sketch or Lianna does, I'll post it up so you all can see it! So excited for this one... which will be my last tattoo.... for now! Coming up I'll be posting a link to some new websites I've designed, as well as a commissioned Illustration once it's finished! Maybe I'll create some smaller work in between to keep you guys updated!

Until next time,

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