Monday, 14 May 2012

Tattoo Opinion / Bat-mania

HEY everyone, so I'm getting my tattoo in June (appointment booked hurray) and I'm in need of your opinion. So I didn't have any spare time to draw it up, meaning I got my lovely and talented sister to draw it up for me! Please visit the blog below to see the images, and comment/message me with your view on which one you like better. Personally I love the one to the left, but your opinions would be super helpful! Great concepts to choose from.

LI-O: TATTOO DESIGN: Here are the concept sketches for my sister's next tattoo. She talked a little about it on her blog, but she's been thinking it ove...

AS WELL here's an update to get you guys by until I posted the final illustration I've been working on later on this week. Here's the first progress shot of what I did up until the colouring. Bane and Batman, probably one of my personal favourite commissions!

Will you see the final illustration? How will Batman get out of this one? Will I pick the first or second tattoo option? Will it be in colour? TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT (apologies, I've been watching too much Adam West Batman lately)!

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