Thursday, 7 June 2012

Life is Good

Finally after five years in the contemplation stage, I got my final large tattoo today! Extremely happy with the turn out, finishing up the frame in July. Thanks to Lia Macbean who did a fantastic job, and added in the beautiful frame perfectly. She really does great work. And of course a HUGE thanks to my extremely wonderful sister Lianna who captured the meaning of my tattoo to a ridiculously talented T. Can't wait for this baby to heal, also going to colour in the frame more either a dark grey or some pop of colour!

Life throws you curve balls, it can get messy, but it is always good. Even through the bad, it's still good. Those hard times help build experience and character. Without them we would never know compassion, patience, and never grow as an individual. No matter what you're dealt with, you can either complain, or rise above the pain. I choose to live positively, and sometimes that gets really hard to do. But I know I have my guardian angel; my family as a rock to lean on; and a SilverBlue attitude. You taught me about strength, you taught me to let go of standard ideals. If I can live my life with half the courage, acceptance, and will as you have done, then I know I can embrace the road ahead. Thanks for being so great.

When things get rough, remember that there's good waiting on the other side, sometimes you just have to get up and find it. Until next time!


  1. Love these words of wisdom. I wish more people had your outlook on life! Nice tattoo by the way, keep up that wonderful attiude you have!

  2. You are wonderful; just sayin'!