Thursday, 26 July 2012

When Gotham is Ashes...


Favourite quote from The Dark Knight Rises for sure! After seeing the movie for a second time, I decided to take a break from my current commission (which is almost finished) to create this little poster. Just for fun, had to channel all that excitement from the movie into something. What better way then to draw Bane for a second time!

Took me approximately 2 days, on and off. Created in Adobe Photoshop with my tablet. The mask was a little complex at first, but once the mechanisms were all figured out, things fell into place. I really enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises and am pretty sure it's my favourite one by far. All three were fantastic so it's really hard to choose my favourite though. I hope people can appreciate the excellent quality of this movie without it being constantly compared to The Dark Knight. In my personal opinion, Bane is not the Joker, so the feel of the movie is going to be entirely different. Can't expect a psycho, eerie theme like the second one, it's just not Bane's nature. Anyway I loved it and was so happy with Tom Hardy's portrayal. Can't wait to see the movie a couple more times!

I know I haven't been blogging lately, and for that I apologize. With commissions, and now a part time Graphics job, things are getting pretty hectic and there hasn't been much time for an update. But hopefully this will hold you for now! In the future you can except to see the finished Apollo 11 Tribute piece, as well as some views on tattoo art/digital techniques. When I can get a moment to spare of course.

So until next time, go see The Dark Knight Rises!

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