Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Apollo 11

Finally been able to upload some things, though now it's been one after another. This work in particular was in the making for a long time now. But If I get some free time I really want to write a post about tattoo art and how people are treating it. So if anyone has some opinions that would be great!

But until then, here's a commission I've been working on and off for about a month now. Finally got some time to add colour! Took longer than expected, but that's because I had to leave it and come back. The whole piece was created in black and white, then the four portraits were created seperately and brought it in. Since the size was 18x24" there were about three photoshop files used. One was for the black and white background, the other was the portaits, and the third was to colour the piece.

Sent the file to print yesterday, should be getting it in this/next week! Once that's printed, I'll upload a picture so you can see the scale. But for now this low quality screen capture should do (sorry it's a tad pixelated).

Until next time,

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