Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Girl in the Pink Wheelchair

Recently I came across a lovely organization called TGITPW dedicated to and run by disabled women. It was honestly one of the most honest and useful ideas I've ever seen put into action. Especially their advice column which covers a variety of issues/topics that most women should really read up on.

I was so intrigued by this concept that I decided to draw up an illustration of what I thought the Girl in the Pink Wheelchair would look like. Basically I went for a flirty pin up. I wanted something sweet yet confident, that would really resemble what this group is all about. After tweaking and finishing, I really thought it would look neat as a silhouette that could be used as a logo or symbol!

After contacting TGITPW, I'm happy to say they liked it! Hopefully we'll be seeing the image/logo around soon. I just wanted to personally thank them, and I'm honestly honoured that I could contribute in a small way!

Until next time, I hope everyone has a joyous holiday filled with much love!

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