Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Wow my posts went from Halloween to this! Time has seriously been flying by. Keeping busy and getting all those holiday things. Since every thing's relatively done, I took some time to make a Christmas pin up card.

While cramped up in the front room (aka my work space), listening to Christmas music, I really got to thinking how much I love this time of year. Yes I'm a little biased since December is also my birthday, and I thankfully do not have the ability to shovel snow. But still, it really makes me stop and think how grateful I am for what I have. Technically that's what Thanksgiving is for, but Christmas time you have the relatives, gatherings, and relaxing nights by the fire.

I'm so grateful for my friends, family, and life in general. It's been quite a drastic difference between this year and last. Freaking out over school, the future, and all things unknown. This year I find myself calmed, clear, and full of hope for things to come.

So take a moment to find something to be grateful for this Christmas. Whether it be the company of loved ones, the relaxation after those exams or work... or even the pure enjoyment of snow! There's always something to be blessed for, maybe not what you want or expect, or as large as you thought. But finding those small things to enjoy is what it's all about. I know mine is Christmas music, and those yummy cookies I'm going to go help myself to right now!

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy holidays, and hope it's a great one!