Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Latest Graphic Designs and Work

Oh my I can't believe it's been this long! Time sure has been flying by lately. It seems I've been real busy with websites and illustrations, haven't really posted about design projects such as logos and invitations. You know, thought it would be good to update you guys on some latest Graphic design work!

Above is the most recent logo I've designed, with a future website that will be in the making next month. A close friend has a real talent for photography and baking, and wanted two logos to eventually use as branding. Created in Illustrator, this design uses a vintage frame detail with a silhouette to define each field (also reiterated in the title). The "Ginger Snap" is the main character for branding, emphasized with bright red hair. For the website each logo will be used in the main page to enter that part of the site. Real excited to work on this one, love things with a vintage feel. For more of her photography, be sure to check out her Facebook Page!

Below are two other projects I've had on the go early this year. The first one is a wedding invitation. One of my first times working with a printing place that uses unique paper stock. This invitation in particular was put together by Paper Creations, using my design to be printed. It was a little tricky using pearlized paper, but it was a great experience. Adjustments were needed but that's exactly what proofs are for right? Some paper stock can be tricky, but it really added a higher quality for a wedding invitation.

Above is a personal project for a friend's birthday gift. I designed the print in Photoshop, using InDesign for the text. After getting it printed, my lovely parents helped to adhere the paper to a wooden canvas. Proved a bit tedious, and in the future I may use a print place that goes directly on to canvas, but I'm still real happy with the turn out. Working with different textures (or faking textures, really) is so much fun!

So that's what I've been up to as of late in the Graphics department. This month is a little swamped with a couple of projects on the go, but that of course is a good thing! I'll try to keep good on updating this old blog.

Until next time!

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  1. I am not good at graphic design, that is why I am so amazed to those graphic designer. They are awesome.