Sunday, 22 September 2013

Design Packages

When branding I find it best to keep things consistent. It's extremely important that among all social network platforms, websites, and print advertisements, everything looks the same. This is often times what separates you from other businesses. The best looking designs include a cohesive theme. When people look for your business, they should be able to look for a common element anywhere they search.

Above is an example of the "design package" I use for my business. There's the logo, business card (front and back), Facebook banner, and resume. Throughout each is the signature green colour and pin up illustration. I use that same header in all of my invoices, contracts, etc. That way on paper or online, people recognize it.

Below are further examples of the cohesive elements I put together for clients as "packages". Even if someone is just looking for one element (whether it be a logo, or site) I try to keep it similar to their brand. Don't ever underestimate the power of consistency! It could be the defining factor in grabbing people's attention.

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