Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tis' the Season

That's right it's holiday season! Is it too early for Christmas jingles, eggnog, and cocoa? Maybe, but not in this house! After a hard core shopping week, I managed to get my christmas shopping done. Which left plenty of time for a little collaboration. For years my sister and I wanted to design something together for the holidays, but never had the time between school and work. Finally, Lianna (O.D. Illustrations) and I are proud to present, our 2013 Christmas Cards!

We came up with the concepts together, and Li did her super talent thing to bring our ideas to life. After drawing up the characters, she sent them my way for the background work, and overall texture. I must say we make a pretty good team, thanks to her talent I couldn't have done these myself. Can't wait to print these on some card stock! They're going to be tags, as well as a few cards.

Until later, enjoy the early start to the Christmas/Holiday season!
Best time of the year.

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