Tuesday, 10 December 2013

From a Sketch to Logo

As a recent project, I was given a concept drawing to turn into a logo. The original sketch was done by an amazing tattoo artist, Lia Macbean. Though beautifully done, there are some steps in making it digital and turning the concept to a logo brand.

It started simply with outlining the original work in Adobe Illustrator. One could do a live trace, but the edges never turn out nice and the image often looks choppy. Using the pencil tool is a great way to create strokes, and by using a tablet, all I had to do was trace over the original layer. You can also play around with the stroke shapes, like I did, before "creating outlines". When making a logo it's important to outline all strokes so it's done in shapes, that makes for easy cutting for future use.

After the outline was done, I created a layer underneath, using the blob tool to add colour. Since the company is for borrowing baby equipment, I wanted to stick to neutral soft colours. Final step was to add the text. Using the text warp tool in Illustrator, I arched the already chosen fonts to go with the shape of the drawing. However, I found it wasn't complete with just the text.  I added in a cut out circle behind the logo to tie everything together. Without the background, all the elements would have just been floating around.

Not all logos need a shape to contain them, but this concept was mostly illustrated. Also, on a side note, while working it's good to be efficient, but sometimes too much efficiency can really do more harm than good. Working on a logo last week I learned to leave my recycle bin full until the end of a day. After putting in about 2-3 hours on some proofs, I needed some new type faces. While downloading I accidentally put my working folder in the trash along with the zip files. Of course, I emptied the recycle bin right away, had to start over!

It worked out in the end, since I came up with better proofs the second time. But still, head my word people (if you constantly empty your recycling bin like I do), DON'T DO IT! Get out of the habit somehow it will be a life saver, haahaa.

Until next time.

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