Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Holiday Crafting

This holiday season I decided to get a little messy and make some homemade ornaments! Having not touched Acrylics in a while, painting on plastic ended up being a larger task than originally planned. But after making a huge mess (as I usually do when using traditional mediums), Here's one final product (made about six different designs in total).

This one was made for my Nonni (Grandparents). It says Buon Natale, or "Merry Christmas" in English. The letters were painted with an evergreen colour, with some red and white accents. Inside we (as in my mother and I, since she basically did this part for me) put fake snow and glitter to fill about half way. After a good shake, and a striped string to hang, this ornament was finished.

Other ornaments include monograms, and different techniques. But I think this one was my favourite.

Until next time!

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