Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spring Cleaning

For all sorts of businesses, it's important to establish an identity that is easily recognized. Such branding exists when all designs are kept consistent. Is your logo the same across all web and print items? Do your invoices match up with the design of your website?

With the arrival of spring, what better time for a little brand cleaning! Out with the old and inconsistent, and in with an identity that is easily recognizable on all platforms.

Logos, smartphone friendly websites, mailing stickers, banners, business cards, and document headers, are just a few of the basics that should compliment each other. I can offer bundles that allow a clean look across the board. Check out to view some of my work, and check out bundle options.

Currently working on a little spring cleaning of my own. Be sure to check back for my newly adapted website, optimized for smartphone browsers!

Until next time,

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