Monday, 18 May 2015

Buds & Bees Baby Shop Logo

This logo was a recent project designed for Buds & Bees Baby Shop. When creating a logo I usually work in stages, which allows room to refine the concept to a final product that combines the client's vision with my design ideas. Here's a look into my work process:

Stage 1: Concepts

First comes the idea. After meeting with a client, and compiling information about their company and ideas, I take it to the drawing board. Usually the goal is to create as many different styles possible, from clean and modern to complex. In this case the client wished for 3 concepts to use a stroller, and the rest to come from my imagination. It was really great to be able to interpret her ideas and have free range. The client then chooses their favourite, or a combination of some, which brings us to stage 2.

Stage 2: Digital Proofs

Here is where I take the drawings and turn them into digital proofs (based on client feedback). These are digital coloured proofs of one or two concepts, so the client can get a better understanding of colour schemes and layout. With refinement, this is where we play with colours and text. In this case, the client asked for two concepts to be made into proofs, with coloured and b/w versions.

Stage 3: Revisions and Final Logo

Based on feedback from the proofs, this is the final stage, where I create one final logo. The final is sent to the client and revised until we come up with the completed file. This stage usually involves minor tweaks here and there, with either colour changes or design fixes. In this case the client chose one of the proofs, and we made revisions to the frame.

My work involves much compromise and adaptation, to ensure the end result lives up to (or exceeds) the client's expectations. Whether it's something I come up with, or changing my idea to better suit their vision, in the end I am making something they can get excited about. The main goal is to embody the client's business branding in a visual way. After all, graphic design is all about turning ideas into reality.

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