Thursday, 25 June 2015

Be Responsive

Now more than ever, having a responsive website is becoming a necessity. Even Google displays mobile-friendly pages at the very top of their list.

So what is responsive? It's a pretty basic term (across the design field) for creating layouts that respond to different screen sizes. This is something that I've began to dive into back in January. Better late then never.

The biggest differences can be seen from a mobile phone to a desktop. Computers are designed horizontally, and going from a wide screen to a small vertical screen on mobile devices, can bring some challenges. For example, any photos you have that are larger in width than height, will scale down to a much smaller size on a phone. This can leave a wide gap at the bottom of your screen.

Since finishing my Mobile App Design course in April, I've been updating old websites to be responsive! It makes for a better viewing experience on a wide range of platforms.

It's been nothing but coding lately, and I'm loving it. Below are a couple examples of updated sites, on desktops and mobile devices.

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