Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bundle and Save

When you bundle, you save. Good design usually promotes continuity within its work. When everything flows visually, you create a brand identity that's easily recognized. I believe whole heartedly that it's extremely, extremely important to be consistent with your design choices. In fact, I believe in it so much that for every item you bundle, the more discounts I'll offer.

Any bundle of two or more requests can add up to savings from $25-100 for each design element. Basically, the more you add on, the more you discount (besides "additional work" included beyond the initial agreed upon bundle). For website bundles, anywhere from $25-$50 can be taken off each page, depending on how many additional designs are included!

Above is a recent project for ENA Electronics Inc., who decided to bundle business cards and ad pamphlets with their website. In the end, they received a consistent design across the board, and a few savings to boot! Now no matter where you look, ENA Electronics Inc. will have a distinct visual representation.

Because I believe good design should be paired with some savings.
Until next time!

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