Thursday, 11 February 2016

Joddi Invitation's Beginning

Here's a throw back to my very first invitation design. It was for my cousin's bridal shower. This little card printed on linen card stock is what started it all!

Part of my love for design stemmed from the beautiful world of weddings. Seeing the gorgeous stationary, papers, and cute little labels just drew me in. Nothing was more satisfying when attending weddings than seeing a consistent monogram or design flow. From colour scheme to the finite details, it was always something I wanted to become involved with.

And it all started with a request from my cousin to design her shower invitations. After that, I knew it was an industry I just had to get into. Too many times I'd see a wedding invitation that was obviously cut and pasted from a template. You see it everywhere, pearl paper, glued on to another pearl paper, with terribly spaced out generic script font, all tied together with a flimsy band (made of what else, but pearl paper).

After the shower invites, I was brought back for my cousin's wedding design (with the lovely help of Paper Creations I believe at the time). Slowly my clientele started building, and I knew this had to grow as it's own brand.

And I am proud to announce, that "joddi invitations" will launch in June 2016! (Though it pains me to wait that long, I have to wait for my current clients' events to finish before advertising their invitations.) In the meantime, all inquiries can be made by email to

It's time to ditch the template!

Until next time,

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