Tuesday, 15 March 2016

An Invitation Timeline

Imagine your perfect invitation. Maybe it includes a reverse-pocket to hold extra cards, or a beautiful golden envelope, with a floral liner inside. Maybe you envisioned lace bows, or a rustic burlap cover slip. But what you may not have thought about yet, was if it could be done with your wedding approaching fast! Well, to relieve some of the stress and guess work, I've come up with a little timeline for creating invitations.

How Soon Should You Book Your Consultation? Well, this can vary depending on the type of card desired. The more details and layers, the more time it will take. To be safe, consultations should be done at least 5-6 months before your wedding date. This allows for extra time (always factoring in printing or shipment delays). To put it cheesy, the early bird really does get the worm... or in this case, the best possible invitation. Here's why:

Custom Stationary: If you fell in love with a certain metallic paper stock, or a reverse-pocket, it's important to know that custom elements are usually ordered from a paper company. Ordering such items can take up to 4 weeks to arrive from the source. So if there's something you really had your eye on (or love the idea of), the earlier we order, the earlier we can start the printing process.

Printing your Invitations: I provide various options for printing depending on the time crunch. It could be done in less than a week, or up to two weeks depending on what printer is used. To be safe, always estimate 1-3 weeks for any printing, especially if you're experimenting with different techniques. This factors in some room for proofs, or any mechanical errors. These errors are extremely rare, but it's always better to take the time in getting that colour just right!

Some Assembly Required: After the prints are hot of the press, next stage is usually assembly. This includes anything from gluing and hand-painted inking, to mailing addresses! This stage really depends on how much assembly is required. A single printed card with mailing addresses printed on the envelope could take a day. Where as gluing and inking could take 3-5 days to allow for proper drying. To be safe, it's good to count on 1 week for this step.

Sending to the World: So we have the finished, gorgeous invitations in front of you. Time to mail them out for all to see! If your invitations require an RSVP by mail, then you want to send these bad boys out 3 months before the wedding date. Online or phone RSVPs only require 1 month for mailing.

Time Tally Up: Okay, did I lose anyone yet? Let's review. We have 4 weeks for ordering paper, 1-3 weeks for printing, and another week for assembly. All together that's up to 2 months for production! Add in 3 months for mailing, and before you know it, we got our 5 months timeline.

Don't stress too much over it, emergency invitations have been completed in the past within 2 weeks. But if you're looking to go that extra mile (an invitation with the works), then the earlier the better. And the best part is, after that consultation, you just sit back and relax while I handle all these pesky deadlines!

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