Monday, 11 April 2016

The Island Of Misfit Designs

One thing that remains constant in the world of Graphic Design, is the eventual pile up of unused designs! In fact, rejected concepts are a necessity in creating the perfect design for a client, especially with logos. It's all part of a delicate system, where the Designer (aka me) gives the Client (aka you), a wide range of ideas... and we narrow down to shape the final product (aka the logo you've always wanted).

But what on earth happens to these unused concepts? Well picture an island, full of misfit designs, just sitting around waiting for Santa to come along in his sleigh and... wait. A Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer reference? Sorry.. all this snow in April really got me in the holiday spirit.

Anyway, rejected concepts can have many other uses! They make great portfolio examples, and can always be used in the future for other projects. Here are a few logo concepts I made that weren't my Clients' final choices:

As their proud mama, I'd hope some of these designs make a future Client very happy some day! But either way, they were an important step for creating the perfect logo. And even though they didn't make the cut for some, I still loved the process of making them.

Until next time,