Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

I've been working on a few top secret projects, that unfortunately I cannot share with you (fancy reveal dates and all). So in the mean time I thought I would share this instead!

With Joddi Invitations well on its way, I've been brushing up on my calligraphy (no pun intended), both digitally and by hand. And boy is it tricky. The beautiful thing about digital calligraphy (top photo), is the UNDO button. But I find it harder to have a steady hand with a tablet, so it evens out. Below is a GIF of some lettering I did by hand. Upside, it's much easier to control the flow and pen pressure, but the downside is there is no room for error.

Recently I took a trip to Michaels, and came back with some goodies! I was on the hunt for opaque white and metallic paint markers to write on dark card stocks. Can't wait to use them, and as I prepare for some envelope address writing this week, I'm going to keep up the practice!

Until next time,

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