Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Work Work Work Work Work

Hello to all my followers (or the two to three random people who are actually reading this)! I've been super busy this past month, and thought it was about time to update all you beautiful people with some pretty exciting stuff.

#1 Joddi Invitations

Back in January I decided to take invitations to a whole other level. The projects were rolling in, but due to event dates, I couldn't share any of it (made it my policy to post work after the client's party). Well a week ago Joddi Invitations went live! I also created and mailed out 50 custom advertisement packages. You can view all my latest work here.

This has been such an amazing start, and I'm honestly overwhelmed with the amount of support from friends and family. So thanks to all you lovely people for helping get this off the ground! Also, huge shout out to my mom and sister for being the best assembly crew ever (our production line process is insanely good).

#2 The Disabled Life

Recently, my sister over at O.D. Illustrations and I started a comedic illustrated blog called The Disabled Life! A place where we've jotted down all the perks and jerks of life with a disability, based on our experiences so far.

What started out as a tiny little blog for our amusement, has grown into something we never thought would happen. Now with over 500 amazing followers, we've even had the opportunity to be featured in The Mighty (click here to read the article). And we might be in a few more places soon! Check out our blog on Tumblr or follow us on Twitter to see what's up.

Until next time,

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