Monday, 19 September 2016

Brand Identity

A big part of branding comes from consistency. Having similar (but not the same) designs across all digital and print platforms. It's important to be recognizable instantly. And the best way to achieve this, is to bundle! Big or small, I'm going to go through the must-haves for starting, and advertising a business. The following examples are from my recent project with FitWithin Hot Yoga + Fitness Studio (visit their website to get a live feel for their brand).

1. The Basics

When clients come to me for their business, it's usually for the three basics: a logo, business cards, and a website. Whether they request a re-brand, or are starting new, it's imperative that these three elements match. Your logo will be the foundation for all future products and branding. I usually suggest going with a flexible logo option, with text and icon components. That way the logo can be broken up, and still maintain its identity. Business cards and websites should reflect each other and the theme of the logo. For FitWithin I used the gradient as our base. As you'll see through the rest of the designs, I incorporated elements from these three basics throughout the bundle.

2. Location Designs

Other elements that can get overlooked are designs for the building itself. This can include documents (invoices, contracts, headers, etc.), signs, and window/building banners. Being a Yoga Studio, FitWithin required forms, a class sign door hangar, light up sign, and window banner. As you can see the logo, text, and colouring all blend in. Specific patterns reused were the thin line border from the business cards, and one of the background banners from the website.

3. Printing and Advertising

Now that you have your building and basics covered, it's time to start thinking about printed advertising items. Even though most things are shared digitally, you'd be surprised how many clients still need actual prints. These items can include anything from brochures and event post cards, to car decals and flyers. If you're a new business, I'd suggest welcome cards to mail out to clients and businesses around you. FitWithin's package included: post cards for an introductory offer, bifold pamphlets, printed ad flyers, car decal, coupon business cards, and a post card for their grand unveiling. Specific patterns to notice are the circle images from the website, the gradients from the business cards, and the block thin line border from the window banner.

4. Social Media

This one is by far, the most under appreciated yet important element for clients to consider. How you present yourself online needs to match the look that has been built so far. It is the difference between a professional business, and a hobby. The trick is to look as if an entire agency was handling your marketing, without the cost. How can it be achieved? Get images made that can be posted on different platforms. For example, at FitWithin we created profile pictures, Facebook and Twitter banners, and class/event advertisements for Instagram or other sites. Patterns to notice are the gradient, and text from the logo/website. The goal of social media is to entice your audience to visit your website. Share a snippet of a full post, that links to your site to read more, with images people will want to look at!

If you want to get a better branding for your business, or are curious about my bundle design packages, visit for more information.

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