Friday, 21 October 2016

Website Services for Any Budget


With the rise of website requests, I thought it was time to offer flexible packages! From fully coded and unique websites to template tweaking, it's good to add a designers touch to your online presence. Make your site look professional and perfect. I can offer a wide range of services to fit your budget! See below for a comparison between these website options.

*All site options do not include fees/handling for domain, hosting, or additional purchases from a third party service. Budget pricing available where I tell you what I can provide given a specific budget.*

coded website

The most requested website option, especially by clients who prefer not to handle updates. Get a 100% truly unique layout, made from scratch! Coded with a combination of html, css, jquery/javascript, and php. Mainly for businesses or personal websites not requiring online purchasing.


  • $150/page for mobile and desktop responsive websites.
  • $25/element for items such as image galleries, slides, email/other forms, interactive pdf downloads, or search databases.
  • $25/hour for future updates to be paid quarterly, bi-annually, or annually (or capped set amount options available).


  • Mobile responsive web pages coded for better Searching Engine Optimization.
  • Image galleries in either thumbnail, previous and next button, or slide formats.
  • PHP email forms for contacting, surveys, applications, and other submissions.
  • Downloadable interactive PDF forms.
  • Search engine databases.


  • Custom layouts built from scratch, providing an endless amount of design possibilities!
  • For those with no time to update their own site, just send me requests via email and I can handle putting them up on your site.
  • Guaranteed seamless transition of design from mobile devices to desktop screens.

  • For those who want more control over their sites, static sites cannot be updated by clients without knowledge of coding.
  • Currently unavailable to set up websites as full online stores (but linking to a third party service for a one page shop section is available).

wordpress site

Now offering Wordpress theme templates! Get your full site done for optimal self editing. Or if you just want to update your own blog, combine my coded site option with a Wordpress blog page. Great for businesses or personal websites using a blog format that can be updated without coding.


  • $300-500 for a theme template.
  • $25/page for adding content to the pages.
  • Additional fees for widgets and Wordpress elements, such as non coding template editers, image galleries and slides, specific forms, etc.
  • $50 for lessons on how to use and update your Wordpress website.


  • Blog format for websites with a large amount of content.
  • Optional static site combined with a Wordpress blog section for those who only want to update their own blog posts.
  • Wordpress SEO amd widgets available for specific requests by clients for their sites (pricing may vary).
  • Optional Wordpress 101 lesson with site design for clients.


  • Unique designs based on general Wordpress layouts.
  • Combination of coding and template, allowing the option for clients to update their own site!

  • Designs are limited slightly by Wordpress basic layout formats.
  • Future updates by the client (e.g. adding text using a different font), may compromise the designer's intended look for the website.

template site

Ever look at a template site, and something looked a little off? When clients with no design experience build their own pages, subtle details could be missed, causing the layout to look off. But never fear! This economical option allows me to tweak a template from a service (such as Squarespace), ensuring your website is set up and spaced out right. Also perfect for a client wanting an online store.


  • $25/page for a template site ($50-75/page if extensive coding is necessary to achieve the desired look).
  • Additional fees for signing up to a template site creator (prices vary depending on the desired service).
  • $50 for lessons on how to use and update your template website editor.


  • Template websites with a perfect layout.
  • Full future editing capabilities for the client.
  • Online store and e-comnerce site options.
  • Optional lesson on how to use the website template editor for clients.


  • Full control for the client over their website.
  • Safe online transactions for e-commerce websites (all depending on the website service chosen by the client).

  • Standard "template" looking sites with very limited layout and design possibilities.
  • Clients needing to learn how to use the template editor for future use and function of their website.

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